Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cupcakes & Sweet Friends

I'm so stoked to share this find!!

A friend of mine posted a fabulous cupcake like this in one of my Yahoo Groups. It's a PINCUSHION.... perfect for my new (under construction) scrapping space! Linda Cummings makes these and sells them. I immediately emailed Linda and begged her to make me one and ziiiip it was on it's way to my house... wooo hoo! The cupcake is so darling and comes with a little plate. Linda included a cute little personalized card. I LOVE IT!

If you'd like to purchase a cupcake, feel free to email Linda. She doesn't have a blog or website, but if you shoot her an email she'll respond right away and take excellent care of you. They come in several 2 color combinations - pink/brown, pink/white, green/pink - depending on what colors you like. The cost is $15 and includes shipping and the plate.

Inky Smiles & Sweet Cupcakes!


Jeanne said...

Oh SO adorable! Thanks for sharing!
She so needs a blog because I'd love to see what ELSE she has created!

Amaryllis said...