Sunday, May 27, 2007

Moab Trip Part II::The River

Disclaimer #1: (Dial Up Users Beware.... LOADS of pics.... )

$10 waterproof WalMart cameras just don't take the quality of photos that I am used to (spoiled with) with my Canon SLR Digital Rebel 8.0 MP camera. Not by a long shot. BUT, I am GRATEFUL to have had the cameras on the river because a $10 waterproof WalMart camera is a bit more "dealable" than losing a $1000 + camera to the depths of the mucky Colorado River...

SO with that said... here are some pics from the River portion of our trip with the World Wide River Adventures rafting company.

Disclaimer #2: I take no responsibility for
the goofy commentary or for any eyes that may be hurt in the glaring of the sun from my chubby white skin... lol. No Buttes were harmed in the making of this photo excursion, well, except maybe mine when I fell out of the kyak at the end of the day...

Here we are on the boat... all suited up.. Dig the matching sunglasses? LOL! Brent forgot his and the cheapies that I bought the day before lost the nose piece thingy and kept scratching my face... Maverick... Adventures First Stop!

Did I mention that US Coast Guard Approved Lifejackets are the most uncomfortable things invented? Their comfort resembles that of wearing a corset... I felt a bit like Elizabeth in Pirates of the Carribbean..... Someday I plan on inventing a lifejacket that will accommodate curvey people and "the girls"..... until then, we will be squoooshed in our USCG Approved Lifejacket...

We launched from a muddy hill on the side of the river. It was quite nerve wracking in my cheapie WMart water shoes and my knee to maneuver down the hill and into the boat. I was so afraid of landing on my bootay or cranking my knee. B was on the boat and settled in his seat in a matter of seconds. He practically leapt into the boat. The Colorado River is fast moving rather shallow river and so it's quite "mucky and muddy".

We had a pretty fun guide. He was funny and entertaining and told us a lot about the area we were floating through. Sometimes you get guides who are just there to work and aren't that fun. Chris was a riot!

In the background you can see the LaSalle Mountains... Still so strange to be floating on the river in swimshorts and a shortsleeve shirt and see snow in the mountains....

For the first half of the day, Brent and I rode on the big boat. Chris even let me row it for a while when we were in flat water. THAT was FUN! SOOOO Much FUN!

We stopped for lunch on the side of the river. Our guide and his helper unloaded a huge cooler stocked with sandwich stuff, chips, veggies, and fruits. The guys played this game where they held onto a paddle and then tried to place a stick in the ground without falling in the sand... It was hilarious to watch the MachoMachoMen try their best!

After lunch, Brent and I took our turn at rowing the inflatable Kyaks which was soooooo much fun! Scary, but fun. It's funny how Brent and I can practically read eachother's minds when it comes to what we want for dinner, what movie to see, or silly things we're doing, but when it comes to rowing in unison, our minds are on completely different train tracks. LOL! At the end of the day, about 100 ft from the pick up shore, we got stuck in what our guide called "All Day Eddie"... An Eddie is a section of water that just churns in circles, round and round, and round and round.... Well, we got stuck in it for about 10 minutes and could not row out. It was awful and embarrassing... the rest of the troupe was already out of the boats and on shore... We didn't capsize until the very end ... B jumped out one side of the boat, and I jumped out the other. The water on his side was deep and the water on my side was about 2.5 feet deep. LOL! I landed on my good knee and then on my butte. OUCH!

Darn USCGA Lifejacket kept riding up, up, up and by the end of the day I was just peeking out above the vest at the river around me... LOL! Here we were just entering a rapid..... "LEFT BRENT, LEFT!!!" He was in charge of steering and I was in charge of holding on for dear life!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pieces of Me....

Pieces of me are falling off all over as I sit here at work. Pieces on my desk, pieces on payroll {shake off}, pieces on my keyboard, pieces on my shirt. This is annoying....

I have a royal sunburn and I'm peeling and it's just my face. I look like a leper.... or something... white flakey skin everywhere. It's gross!

Why I didn't wear sunblock on Saturday as we planted sod and releveled an area of a friend's yard, is beyond me. Did I not learn anything in my 30 something summers on this earth? Spent a day on the river in Moab and remembered to slather up in sunscreen, but didn't do it for the 4 hours I was outside this past Saturday.

Thank goodness for Aloe & Neosporin!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Fooling Around With Paper

I know, I know... I need to update the photos from our Moab trip... I still haven't made it to CostCo to drop off the film yet.... hopefully this week! :)

In the meantime......

I was inspired by a card that my friend, Dawn Neal, made for a private swap that I am in and decided to lift her idea and create my own piece of art. Dawn's is absolutely fabulous! I loved her layout and technique ideas. She used the cracked glass technique over her flower and her card is much more elegant than mine, but I loved the layout and idea with the flower so much that I had to lift the idea and play.

Here's my finished product:

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I like Big Buttes

Moab was an ABSOLUTE BLAST!!!!!

I can not wait to go back again! I'd been to Moab before and toured Arches, but I missed the other cool stuff in the area! We drove down on Thursday night after dropping the furrkid off at Brent's cousin's house. (Their kids were UBER excited to have Sadie come stay with them.) We took the little red card to save on gas and parked the Tahoe. (Smart choice - left $$ for souvenirs!)

We slept in on Friday and then spent the rest of the day exploring the area around Moab. We went to Canyonlands National Park and Deadhorse POinte State Park. We decided to skip Arches because we'd each already been there and wanted to do new things on this trip.

The area around Moab is absolutely beautiful. It's desert and "barren", but it is it's own kind of beautiful. We spent some time hiking and GeoCaching along the way. We stopped at GeoCaches along the highway and in the parks. Brent downloaded all of the ones in the area to his GPS unit. I've never been a fan of "southwestern" decor and plants, but we saw some really interesting and pretty cool plants this trip.

Here's B getting into a Cache on the way to Deadhorse Pointe.

He had so much fun with his GPS unit. I probably could have sent him and Mr.GPS on their own little trip! :) We did the 2.2 level caches so that I'd be able to handle the terrain with my goofy knee. GeoCaching is getting addicting!

Here we are at a "virtual Cache" near Deadhorse Pointe. My sweet B is always trying to sneak in a smooch! We set the camera on the tripod, set the timer, and voila!

Deadhorse Pointe
It was a bit hazy, but still absolutely breathtaking! Yes, I DID peer over the edge to snap the photo without having a panic attack! We are actually standing ON Deadhorse Pointe looking at Big Bend (the bend in the river) I always thought that DHP was that point sticking out into Big Bend... nope!!

The rock formations were sooooo neat! The Moab area is a Geologist's treasure trove! I was particularly fond of these neat swirls in the rocks. There were different patterns and designs all over the place. I had so much fun snapping pics of everything!

This is a shot from up on DHP looking toward the La Salle mountains. It was quite an odd feeling to be roasting to death in the desert (oK, it was the mid 90's or so... not THAT bad) and then look over and see snow on the La Salle mountains. The blue spot in the center is a salt evaporation pond in a town called Potash.

It's kind of hard to tell in the picture, but the rocks on the left are ledges... the bottom right section of the pic is hundreds of feet below us. Those lines are dirt roads.

(To Be Continued....)

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I Got Tagged....

I got tagged today by KATHY! LOL! So I guess I better play along... My only problem is that I don't know 8 ppl with blogs! LOL! I guess I can just tag as many ppl as I can. :) And btw, Kathy, I'm tagging you BACK ! HA!

Here Are The Rules:

1. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
3. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Ok, here are some random facts/habits about me:

1. I never attended highschool on US soil.

2. I am addicted to Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.... I tape every show so I can fast forward through the commercials. SOoooOooO sad that SG-1 is in its last season.

3. I am a KLUTZ - I broke my right ankle & leg sliding down a fabulous concrete banister in Berlin, tore up my right knee (new ACL in 2005) rolling a snowmobile over on Tower Mountain in the Heber City area, and knocked my hip out of place after falling off of the Utah State Capitol Building.

4. I've always wanted to swim with dolphins - I ADORED Flipper - Instead I swam with the Beluga whales at Sea World in San Antonio, TX for my bday (from Brent) in 2006. Dude, that was sooooo stinkin fun!

5. I backpacked Italy with 2 girl friends (Jill & Kelly) and celebrated my 19th bday in a little pub in Florence, Italy.

6. I dream of owning a gift shop of some sort.. especially one that sells fun international collectors items like Erzgebirge woodworks from Germany, etc, and really cool home decor.

7. I like powdered ranch dressing mix (Hidden Valley only, no imposters) sprinkled on my popcorn (popped in a Whirly popper only). I am a popcorn snob. LOL!

8. I hate to be sweaty.. I don't like sweat running down my body or especially my face. I think this is why I prefer swimming for aerobic exercise!

I have tagged the following:

Erin B.

How lame is that? LOL! FOUR BLOGS! *sigh* I need to make more friends... at least friends with BLOGS!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Saturday, May 5, 2007

An Unexpected Adventure in Gardening....


Ok, so I LOVE to plant things and redo gardens, etc... but this is CRAZY! LOL! Our neighbor and friend, Dustin, asked us about a Linden tree in our front yard that died in Spring of 2006 and tried to recover in most of 2006 and this spring.... Were we planning on replacing it? What with? etc... Anyway.. long story short... he had a lot of HUGE trees up at his cabin that he'd bought in bulk from a wholesale nursery.... would we like a couple? LOL!! BUT OF COURSE!!!!! We got a sweet deal on the price, even better than my normal wholesale price at work.

So today we spent the day planting 2 - 3.5" caliper, 15' Canadian Chokecherries in our front park strip and 2 of the same in Dustin's. (I mostly watched because I have a pinched nerve somwhere in my back and it hurts to bend and twist.) We cut out squares, planted the trees, and filled in with landscape fabric and 2" rock. IT LOOKS FANTASTIC!!!!!! And bonus, we are using the dirt from the tree holes to spread on our back hill and plant sod on later this spring. YAY! We also have two Swedish Aspens to plant in the front corner of our house, but that's a task for a day next week or the week after. They're fine in pots for a couple of weeks :)

So above are the BEFORE photos. The scraggly Linden tree in the front is going to come out when we plant the Swedish Aspens. I will have to take some AFTER photos tomorrow when it's light out. :) It was a perfect day for planting trees today. It was overcast and cool... realllllly coool.... I think today's high was 50 degrees Fahrenheit! Brent and I are crashing early tonight. I think we will pop a pizza in the oven and kick back and watch some episodes of Stargate SG-1 Season 10 on DVD.

I'll post more latah!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Rocky vs. Hannity - "The Smackdown"

UGHHHHHHH!! I sooo hate politics and I despise Rocky Anderson, Mayor of SLC, even more. He's on tv debating national talk show host, Sean Hannity right now and B is listening to him... I really think that Rocky is a weanie and is just talking crap out of his mouth, so I had to leave the room and do something else. He really makes me all agitated inside and nauseaus. I will let Brent listen and give me the "cliff notes" version of the debate... until then I am off to check out the National Scrapbook day stuff on the web. Toodles!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

River Adventure....

Brent and I skipped buying expensive presents for our birthdays in March and April because we knew we wanted to go on a little road trip and or adventure in early summer..... A couple of weeks ago Brent suggested that we drive down to Moab and go on a river rafting trip (not sure what company he's booking with.. but that's the idea) over Mother's Day weekend.... (a normally pain in the butt holiday for me).... Sounds fun to me, so he's making our reservations this week and we'll be off to the river in a little over a week. YAY! I am so stoked! We're going to spend a half day on the Colorado River on Friday and then see the sights.... We'll take a little trip into Deadhorse Point and Arches National Park. We are going to have so much fun :) We're leaving OddDog (aka Sadie) with B's cousin and their kids... I hope she behaves and doesn't drive them bonkers!

I finally found some water sports shorts that I can wear on the river... it only took going to the men's department to find some long enough to cover my knees so they don't get completely fried on the boat. I don't know why they make women's shorts so stinking SHORT! Besides... fat legs need longer shorts! Anyway.. they are black swimshorts that look unisex so I can get away with them... They also had some way cool Columbia brand quick dry shorts, but I didn't want to pay the $45 ticket for shorts... ouch!