Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Hallowinter & Cookies!

Hello again and Happy Halloween!  We have been getting slammed with snow here in the Rockies this week.  I think we got roughly 12" of snow this week. Crazy for October, even at 6,300 ft!  Ellie didn't mind so much and the mister worked from home a couple of days. I baked and painted and spent a few days in my jammies.

I love this spooky little haunted house scene!  It took a couple of days to sketch out and paint but was so fun!

With all this snow we were craving warm, freshly baked cookies so I dug through my recipe archives for something delicious.  These Oatmeal Cranberry White Chocolate Pecan cookies totally hit the spot!  I also painted a couple snowy winter scenes in snow globes. There is something magical about a mini scene captured in a snow globe <3 nbsp="" p="">
I used this recipe for the cookies.  I did adapt them slightly for our elevation.

Here are a few pic of the beautiful snow we got.  Miss Ellie just loves the snow.  She's a Texas dog who identifies as a Polar Bear...

I hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween!


Tuesday, October 29, 2019

New Beginnings - Do Over

This was originally posted in mid September 2019 but somewhere, somehow Blogger (or me) deleted the original post. UGH! Just putting this back up for posterity's sake... ;)

I know it has been an eternity since I last wrote anything on this blog.  It's been a crazy couple of years.  I took a needed break after we lost our Sadie.  I stopped creating and stopped writing.  It was a hard time. I don't even know where to start back up again but I feel the draw to blog again... I don't want to skim over important things, but at the same time I don't want to take forever catching up.  So much has happened (job changes, health changes, life changes), too much to write about, but our two biggest and most important happenings this season of our lives have been:

We lost our Sadie dog in January of 2017 to bone cancer.  She gave us 18 months after her 3 month diagnosis.  We miss her terribly.  She was the most wonderful puppy and we are so glad that she was part of our life for nearly 16 wonderful years.  I will write more about her here and there as I go forward.

In September 2017 we brought home a new love, Eloise Maizey (Ellie Mae).  She came from Houston, TX after hurricane Harvey and has been a light and joy in our lives. She has truly helped our hearts heal and our adventures with Ellie have been wonderful.  you will see a lot of her around these parts.  She is my constant companion, my little shadow, my foodie photo photobomber, lap hogger and snuggle bug.

So join me on this adventure and let's see where it takes us.  I feel the draw to blog about life, creativity, foodie stuff, etc.


Friday, October 11, 2019

Watercolor - A New Adventure... or Addiction

Oh goodness.. another post!  Can you believe it? I'm trying..  hehe!

I started watercolor painting this late spring/summer on a whim.  It looked fun so I figured why not.. so I pulled out the cheap-o Artist Loft brand paints from Michael's that I used to use when I was with CTMH and started coloring stamped images again for cards.  (Please bear with me as I re-learn formatting Blogger posts.  They seem to have changed the way they do photos since I last regularly blogged...)

They worked for about five minutes while I played around and explored watercolor painting.  I decided I REALLY enjoyed watercolor painting.  I used up that one pad of watercolor paper that I had been hoarding since about 2008, bought some more, and then I realized that I needed something better paint wise...  eventually I landed on these Sakura Koi Field Sketch pan paints... and then with decent paints and paper I was HOOKED.  I started playing around with landscapes and plants...

It has been a fun summer with watercolor.  I am totally addicted and have quite successfully avoided things like laundry, dishes, organizing, and sometimes and often, cooking dinner because I was wrapped up in my imagination and water and paint. (That's not always a bad thing.. just sayin'.)  I also brought my compact watercolor paints, paintbrushes, and travel size watercolor pad with us on our cruise to Alaska (posts on that coming) and painted on our balcony on sea days.   Watercolor painting is so relaxing.  It is so easy to get lost in the the colors... and it is a lot less mess than papercrafting.  ;)

I LOVE looking on pinterest and YouTube for tutorials and inspiration to paint.  There is so much out there! This is an image I sketched out based on some stamps I saw online.

I recently discovered an amazing company called Let's Make Art.   They offer a subscription service that includes and also have free tutorials on YouTube.   I've yet to subscribe, although I think I might give Santa an idea for Christmas, but I have been following their free YouTube tutorials have have been freehand sketching their designs and painting along with them.  Sara Cray is the owner and she's so fun to watch and has LOADS of great tips and techniques that she shares as you paint along.   I don't get anything for sharing the love about them... just the hope that you might get a spark for watercoloring and join in the fun.  (Always happy to enable fellow creative friends.) I love following along and painting!

Here are a couple fun paints just in time for Halloween!  I have to admit I have really enjoyed painting spooky pictures! Black watercolor is kind of a pain to work with because it tends to want to go gray (watercolor paint is transparent) and you have to drop a lot of paint in to get a really rich black.


Wednesday night the temps here dropped 60* overnight.  We had aobut 3" of snow on the ground Thursday morning... our first measurable snow for the season so that meant we spent the evening watching Disney's Snowball Express and enjoying a warm fire.   I made my best ever Hearty Chicken and Dumplings and pulled out my paints.  Recipe is here in my facebook foodie group, What's Cookin' Good Lookin'?

I painted this Floral Truck while we watched the movie and it was so much fun to paint!  It's my favorite color after all...   The flowers were also a ton of fun! 

Have you watercolor painted?  Do you like it?  I am thoroughly loving it so far!   Happy Friday! I am off to snuggle this cute puppy...


Products I love for watercoloring: