My Studio

9/16/2019 Update:  I have a new studio in a new house!  I need to clean it and work on an update!

This is my small studio where the magic happens.  By magic I mean me getting swept away into imaginary worlds of jewerly making, paper crafting and other fun artsy adventures.  My space is small and constantly changing.  I am grateful that my sweet husband puts up with the messes and constant trails of glitter that follow me from this space throughout our home. You know it's been a good day in the studio when the husband comes home and announces that this is the last time he cleans glitter off the dog.

I revamped this small space from an Americana themed family office (after a basement sewer back up) into a bright and colorful art studio a few years ago. Here are some links of the journey...

I wish my studio looked more like the "brand new hasn't been crafted in yet" photos more often.  Since those photos were taken more craftiness has moved into the studio.  Most days it looks more like this: