Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Color Challenge {001}

I was perusing wedding cakes a while back, no particular reason other than they are fun to look at, and I am addicted to Ace of Cakes... Anyway... I saw this cake and loooooved it. I would never in a zillion years put these colors together, but they sure look good on this cake!!!

Here's your first Color Challenge..... Create a card, layout, or other piece of art using these colors as your inspiration. I'd love to see them, so share away!

Inky Smiles!


Christa said...

Love that cake! Don't know if I would want it for a wedding though. LOl

Sincerely,Sonja said...

At first when I saw this I said, NOW what has she been up too!! hehehehe! It's a goreous cake!! Definetely capable of giving inspiration!


mE said...

LOL! Well show me what you've got girls!

Chelle! said...

I LOVE this cake. Probably won't switch from the traditional white, but oh, I like it...I like it!!!!

Erin Gudge said...


I added some blue too.