Monday, February 25, 2008

Movie Star!

(You're supposed to say the title like that chica from Super Star... Movie Stahhhhhhhhhh! But please, no hands in the armpits.... thanks.)

Holy Schmokes Scrap{Wo}man! It's been one heck of a week already... an it's just Monday. Mt Grotegut is still ever present in
my laundry room... but I figure I can work on that later. There's nothing wrong with fishing for clean clothes from the pile every morning, right? HAHAHA!

Anway... had a lot of fun last night making a video for that something wonderful I'm working on.... think {DREAM JOB}.... ink, paper, BLING, cool tools, etc...
. and I can still do the things I'm doing right now (more deets later when it's all finished). Callin' on some blogger love to send some prayers my way :)

Here's some goofy pics of the filming. I guarantee, there will be no acting in my future. I get silly after the first 8 zillion takes. LOL! I changed my shirt to a pink one, because the orange one would not cooperate. The sleeves kept being retarded. LOL! Brent's super nice boss let us borrow his VERY COOL and VERY EXPENSIVE camera. I didn't touch it... I'm a klutz and there's no way my PT salary can afford to replace that camera anytime soon! T he Crew was hard at work. I kept forgetting what I wanted to talk about... serious butterflies, man! Thankfully I have a very sweet Crew... and very affordable! Love him soooo much! Isn't he cute??

And this is what cheering section (uhm, I mean audience) did....

I can't wait to tell you more... I've gotta tie up the ends and then I can tell u what I'm up to :) I will be back tomorrow with a fun project & the unveiling of the new color scheme for my studio!

Inky Smiles!


Chelle! said... have me suspense!! I want to know what is going on!! AND we need to play.

Kristin said...

You look so cute in this picture! Give me a call this week and fill me in!

Unknown said...

Hope all is going well, Erin! I'm sending my blogger love's prayers!

Amaryllis said...

I know you will get your "DREAM JOB!"


Kathy said...

I can't wait to hear what all is going on! You look so cute!