Sunday, February 20, 2011

You Said Twinchie, But Did You Mean Twinkie?

{ACK! THis was suppposed to have posted while I was away at C.U…. I opened up Live Writer this morning and there it was still in my drafts. Ooops!  Anyway.. I am back from CU but am sick as a dog.  I spent 4 hours at instacare on Monday night because I had a 101.7 fever that would not drop and could not stop coughing.  Well, my fever has dropped to about 100, waffling back and forth between 99.5 and 100, but I’m still getting the ultra upper body workout which is sponsored by the letter C for cough.  I am currently sifting through the 270 pics I took at CU and hope to have some posted by this weekend. Today is the first day that I have been able to sit upright out of bed since Sunday.  Be back soon!~}


Hey friends!  I’m off having fun at Creative University but I thought I would share with you one of our “group art projects”.  Tresa asked us each to make a “twinchie”…


A what? 

Don’t ya mean twinkie? You know, those fluffy uber preserved puffy cake things filled with a mystery cream that will last through a nuclear war with the roaches?


She meant  a twinchie.  A two inch square bit o’ artwork.  I knew what an inchie was but I guess a twinchie is his big brother.

The “rules” were to stay within the theme.: WINGS 

“Creative U is about spreading our wings, learning to take chances and try new things, and lifting each other up.  Any image or word can be used to follow the theme, use your imagination!”

I’ve always wanted to get into collage and I “guess” this is my feet getting wet.   This twinchie was SUPER fun to make.  I cut a 2x2 piece of cardboard and mod podged a piece of red cardstock to it.  Then I created/printed the digi images onto white cardstock and adhered them to the red background… mod podging between layers so that everything was good and STUCK.   And then I drew a line with Crystal Laquer around the edges and sprinkled it with Martha Stewart Antique Silver glitter, let it dry and covered it with more Crystal Laquer and set it to dry overnight. 


It turned out fantastic.  Well, until I decided that I thought it needed another coat of something harder than Crystal Laquer…. (Keeping it real here….)  I put on a coat of Sally Hansen super hard nail polish.  Oy Vey!  Nail polish + mod podge = disaster.  All sorts of bubbly disaster….

So I started over.  And this is my second piece… It’s not nearly as pretty as the first one was but was done and I had no intention of starting over again.

Thanks for stopping by!  Keep calm , craft on, and try something new!

Inky Smiles!

Oh and PS… if you get the muchies while crafting you can always snack on a couple of these….



Dawn Felgar said...

Lovely Twinchie, Erin! I enjoyed your class immensely at CU - I am so excited to make more jewelry!! :) So sorry to hear you have been so sick! Feel better soon!!

Jeanne said...

Oh man, I'm sorry you got so sick after your fun weekend. What a letdown, huh? I sure hope you feel better soon!

Your twinchie looks great, Erin. And nope, I'm not tempted in the least by that twinkie, however if it was popcorn....

karenastieler said...

Get better sickie!!!!