Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It’s Always A Good Time For Cake

It’s always a good time for cake, and my birthday was a couple of weeks ago, but I didn’t have CAKE this year so I figured I’d whip up something yummy for myself. LOL! Yeah yeah yeah… cake is seriously the best part of birthday celebrations… well, besides spending the day with loved ones. Cake, well, it’s da bomb.

So anyway.. I’ve been on this crochet kick the last couple of weeks and I have been having a blast. I was seriously HATING crochet years ago when I desperately tried to make a blanket with my friend, Janeen, who was also making a blanket…. However, comma, but….

Here’s what I have decided regarding crochet:

1) I do not like crocheting large items like blankets and afghans that I have to pay attention to.. lol.. like counting a gatrillion stitches and crocheting the same number of stitches for an eternity of rows.

2) I must break my projects down into bite size pieces.

3) I like crocheting small things like hats and cupcakes and flowers.

SO off I went into the world and did some shopping for some better yarn than what I had on hand..


… and back again I went into the blog world for more inspiration and ran into Wendy Tunison again on her blog and found her also crocheting again. (That was when I found THE HAT POST and made my red hat and the cream hat.) Well it turns out that our "The Art of Crochet" YouTube video friend, Teresa, has a PLETHORA of marvelous and easy to follow videos for crocheting a variety of projects and yarny delights. You can visit her BLOG for more inspiration as well.

But first… I had to make these way cute hats for my sister’s two darling girls:



The hats are PINK like in this bottom photo, not purpley… The lighting was weird in my kitchen when I snapped the first pic. I made up the flower which is a stacked pile of two individual flowers and one yarn “center”… the first “row” of the flowers without the petals. These hats went a lot faster than the first couple I made. Once you “get” the stitch and the patterns they seem to go quickly. :)

Ok so back to CAKE. Yum…

I think I might make one later for tonight’s dessert. Hrmmm.

So while I was perusing Miss Teresa’s YouTube channel, “The Art of Crochet” I came across this way adorable Mini Cupcake tutorial. Oh delight of delights!!! I started it Monday night (like waaaay late) and then had to wait to finish it until Tuesday night after work and then this am I made a second one.

Here are my first ever cuppycakes. The one on the left is my own crazy creation and the one on the right is the original from the tutorial. I didn’t follow the instructions for the right side cupcake because the yarn I was using did not work well with the rib stitch. As you can tell by the photo the rib stitch makes the difference in shaping the cupcake “paper”.

On the left side cupcake I took some liberties and had some fun. I felt like the frosted top needed more height and some added “blingy treats” so I added a row of single crochet stitches before adding the last layer of “frosting ruffles”. I topped it off with a small cream colored flower for “whipped cream” and a red ball for a “cherry”. YUM!


I just want to eat the one with the cherry and whipped cream! Nom! Nom! But then' I’d have to deal with a hairball, so I will pass.



MMMM… I think I need a treat! LOL!

These cupcakes are so easy and fun to make and I can’t wait to make more, but first I have to move on to/finish some other projects that I have had rolling around in my noggin… think jewelry…. *grin*

Well, I’m off to write another blog post for later this week and get this one posted.

Happy Crafting & Inky Smiles!


Sheila Bennett said...

Your cupcakes are simply adorable! Especially the one with the cherry on top. :)

Kathie said...

YUM YUM may I have another.

Stacey Lyn Tippetts said...

I'm the same as you Erin I prefer projects that are fast to complete. I'm so impressed with those adorable hats & cute cupcakes.

Kathi Carlson said...

No calories in those cupcakes! Very cute, and I LOVE the hats you made for your nieces.

Thanks for sharing, Erin!

Jeanne said...

Dang! YOU WON!!! I tried real hard, but my girls are on each other's last nerve right about now and they were bickering like crazy. Then we went to the dentist. (good cavities)

Seriously, though, these are absolutely FABULOUS my friend! I'm so THRILLED to see you having success with crocheting. Love the hats and were it not for the possibility of hairballs, I'd want to eat the one with a cherry on top, too! Great work, sweetie!!

Nancy Ball said...

Yummy, I need to savour more cupcakes like calories!!!

Your hats are gorgeous too, are you taking orders?

Happy belated Birthday, Erin!

Amaryllis said...

Those must be the best dessert EVER!!! I can smell the strawberry cream cheese!!!mmmmmm!

Wendy said...

OH MY HECK! Those are so stinkin' ca-yute! There's a pattern for a cupcake purse out there somewhere too if you're feeling crazy! LOL! I am loving your hats too! I'm so glad you are loving crochet now....isn't that weird how that works? I had a hate relationship with it for years but last night I actually dreamed about a crochet project that I can't wait to try in real life. LOL!

Stacey said...

I TOTALLY LOVE these cupcakes!!!!!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the colors you chose!!

Tara said...

Oh my! I love those hats!!! Would you make any to sell?!?? I'd love to have one to use for my newborn photography!!

Stampin n da Hood said...

those are the cutest stankin things, evah!
I bet if you use toothpicks to knit the cupcakes, that would be a "mini" for a charm bracelet! HaHA!