Monday, March 1, 2010

...and now I'm back.... for a minute anyway

Hey friends!

I am BACK from Creative University...


I am so exhausted!

We had such a delightful, fantastic, exhausting, phenomenal BLAST! I can't even begin to describe the amount of crazy fun we had.

Let's just say:

Tresa Black ROCKS and throws one heck of a party!

My roomies ROCKED!

I met some FANTASTICALLY FUN people!!


I will be BACK next year. :)

I won't have a SSD Sketch for you this week. I am exhausted and extremely busy which is a bad comobination. I just got home last night and am totally beat... My birthday is Tuesday and I have to work and then head home to pack and leave for Denver with Brent on Wednesday am after my dr appt (to figure out what's wrong with my knee) for a work trip which is turning into a birthday getaway with my hottie and a visit (ahh... PLAY DATE) on Thursday with Jeanne Tomshack. I am SO EXCITED :)

So until I return I will share with you a couple of photos that Nichole Lewno took at CU because I have not even unpacked my camera! LOL! THANK YOU NICHOLE!! U ROCK :)

~Inky Smiles & Enjoy!

My FABULOUS ROOMIES (Dana, Wendy, Me, Donna, Stacey) & The outrageously fun and crazy Donna Smith

Me, Donna Smith, Nichole Lewno, Sheila Bennett

This is what happens when you've had entirely too much sugar and the photographer is not really looking AT the photo in front of them :)


Jeanne said...

So very fun! I'm glad you had a blast and I can't wait to hear about it first-hand on Thursday!!!! *Ü*

kathy s said...

It sounds like and looks like you had a BALL would love to do a Creative University trip they sound like so much fun

Amaryllis said...

Before I forget-glad you had a blast, btw- Happy Birthday!!!

Sarah said...

SOOOOO jealous!