Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I’m Not Quite Dead Yet…

Can you name that movie?

Really, I promise I have not died or dropped off the face of the planet. It’s just been an insanely busy couple of weeks.

Here, I will show you.

This has been what’s kept me away from the computer for the past little while.

My sis and her family (dh, b/g 3 yr old twins and 4 mo old baby) came out to visit us for a week. (I spent several days prior to the visit trying to get a “singles” house small child “safe”. (It’s still wonky from last year’s construction and the guest room was still packed full of boxes and what not.)


That’s me and my sis, Liz… B snapped that pic the morning they headed home.


Aren’t they the most darling itty bitties you’ve ever seen? Maybe I’m biased. I love them. Look at those cheeks. You simply can not resist smooching them! That’s Dude, Baby (working on a cute nickname still), and Squid.

We had so much fun. I miss them dearly already and am already saving plane ticket pennies and figuring out my next visit to Iowa.

I will be back with more fun photos and some projects (oooh, jewelry!) that I have been working on soon. (I just got back from Curves and am procrastinating going to work… lots of catch up to do today) In the meantime, take a listen and have a laugh.

Playing LeftBrainGroceryList-32.mp3
(a new window will open and a media player will play it… it’s audio only. The lady you're listening to is Jeanne Robertson. She is hilarious!!!)

Inky Smiles!



Sparkplug17 said...

They are just precious Erin! How adorable.

Kathi Carlson said...

Happy to see you "surface." Funny how one becomes concerned when their cyber friends drop out of sight for a while. Your reason was good. Your nephew and nieces are beautiful!!

Unknown said...

I can name the movie...

Glad your crazy weeks are behind you.

Julia said...

Can't name the movie but who cares when you have such cuties in your house!! I have twins too and they're boy and girl! I love seeing that! Missed your posts but glad you're having fun!!

Jeanne said...

Nope, can't name the movie, sorry!

And I agree, those have got to be some of the most adorable itty bitties I've seen.

Glad you had such a wonderful reason to be off the radar for a bit.

My dad just arrived for his week long visit, so I'll be quiet for a bit now, too.


Jessica said...

Glad to see you back! But I'm sure you'd rather be with them. What sweet faces. And those cheeks, yep gotta kiss em!

CreativeMish said...

Nothing better than having family around! Love the nick names! and Love the cheeks!

Nicki said...

Now you got me scratching my head bout the movie - Is it a Monty Python one - knights of the round table?

Cutie patootie nieces and nephews. I too live vicariously through my sister and her kiddies :)

Love the blog by the way - long time reader - first time commenter!

Savannah said...

I just nominated your for an award. Check it out at