Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bracelets and Friends

Do you ever have days/weeks/months where you feel like this?


Seriously… July has been INSANE.


Brent is at city council tonight and I don’t have ANYTHING (no meetings, chores – but not because they aren’t there, no ailments, etc) else going on for a change so I thought I’d blog a little.

Today I got to hang out for a few hours with one of my best friends. Janeen & Andy lived across the street into the house that blocked our view of the lovely Mt Timpanogos from 2001-2005. (We decided we were “ok” with their house blocking our view of Timp cuz we liked them… haha!) Janeen was 9 months pregnant while they were building their house. A few weeks later they moved in. We immediately became friends. In 2005 they moved east to Virginia for a job. Every year Janeen comes home to Utah to visit family and we get together and get to catch up a little. This year she came and hung out with her dd, Looly. (Name changed, of course…. Looly picked her own “secret agent blog name.”)

Aren’t they beautiful? I heart this shot.

So we visited and hung out while Looly and I built a bracelet. Of course, you have to start out with beads, lots of beads…. these glass beads are fun!


Looly picked out her own beads and decided how the center beads would be strung in the center.

Looly1web Looly2

Mom chillin out on my naked stairs with Sadie… We are going shopping this month for new carpet to help finish up last year’s remodel/construction.

See that bump on Neen’s tummy? That’s Baby #3 getting ready to hopefully show up in six or so weeks. I think Neen is hoping for closer to the six weeks instead of the “or so” weeks…. hehe!


LoolyBraceletWeb Bracelet1web

After we finished making the bracelet Looly decided we wanted to take goofy pictures…

Brace yourself.

LoolyEyes1web ERinGoofy2web ErinGoof1web2
Neen didn’t really want to take goofy pics…. and she will probably kill me, but I shrunk the photo way down… hehe :) …. Look at Looly! You can’t help but chuckle at that grin… helping Mommy make a goofy face… ROFL. LOVE.IT.


Now Looly loved my crossed eyes so we set out to teach her….

Look at my finger…

Nope, up here…..



Hope you’re having a great evening! :)
Inky Smiles!


Or something. LOL!


Kathi Carlson said...

I'm sittin' here with a silly grin on my face. Thanks!!

Sarah said...

You are a blast GF!!!
A true child at heart!

Craftastic Life said...

Wow that looks like you all had so much fun! I love the funny face pictures, too cute.

Jeanne said...

Wonderful post, Erin! So full of fun and silliness. Amy loved the photo of you all cross-eyed. (Me, too)

I hope you are ENJOYING your life, family and friend time. You deserve it. Your bloggie will still be here when life settles down.


CreativeMish said...

Great pictures! When my nieces come over we always take silly face pulling pictures!

Sue said...

Fun post! My favorite thing is your closing line, "Inky Smiles.....or something." HA! Love that you're not a-skeered to put goofy pics on here - much fun!
And yes, sometimes (especially recently, as you already know) I feel EXACTLY like that first pic! Thanks for sharing...

Syme Family News said...

I want picture copies when you get around to it. :) Thanks Erin.

Stacey said...

I'm STILL laughing!
This is a WONDERFUL post!!!!