Monday, April 6, 2009

Shouting From The Rooftops!

I just wanted to share my excitement with you all!

1.) After 3 interviews, a personality profile test, and days of anxiety DH started his new "day" job today... he's been unemployed since mid Jan when his company shut down. Starting today at 9 am he is the new Business Manager/Controller for Digis . YAY! God is AWESOME and does watch out for us!! :) A BIG HUGE THANK YOU to all who have known about this and have offered up prayers, well wishes, and positive thoughts for us! They are much appreciated!

2.) I have been PUBLISHED! YAHOOOOO! I came up with a technique called Pounced Stenciled Pearls which has been published under the name Pounced Cuts in the Technique Junkies Newsletter. YAY! If you're a subscriber, you can view my card and the tutorial that I wrote and filmed in the subscriber only pages. Totally exciting!

Here's the card featured in the tutorial I filmed for TJ online (golden card) and the original card that I made when coming up with this technique:

PSPearlsCard(TJ)_EGrotegut0 PouncedLeafPPearls-ErinGrot

… back to editing photos for my studio tour…….

Inky Smiles!


Kathi Carlson said...

Congratulations!! To Brent for landing the job and to you for having your beautiful card and tutorial published. It's always so much fun to read GOOD news - especially when it concerns GOOD folks!

Savannah said...

All right! That totally rocks! I am so glad he found a job. And congrats on the spotlight! You do awesome work and totally deserve it.

Jeanne said...

I am SO happy for both of you!!! I thought about you yesterday...with B at work and you at home hopefully creating up a storm. Sorry I never made it on the 'puter...

Huge hugs to you BOTH for your successes!!

CreativeMish said...

What a huge relief! My husband is currently unemployed. Hopefully he'll find something soon, also