Friday, January 18, 2008

Utah Forecast.... Great, If You're A Fat Polar Bear

There was a headline in one of our papers yesterday... "Utah Forcast - Great if you're a fat polar bear."
See this link:


Yesterday morning I woke up to 4 degrees Fahrenheit AND I had to haul my polar bear bum outta bed and go to work... I would have stayed in bed, but today was my "one day a week at work"... uggggh. (This - and recovering from Wed night's church event - is why I missed yesterday's Thoughts for Thursday.)

I do not know what it was this morning, but I put the dog out, let her back in, and crawled back in my polar bear cave. Today I am staying home papercrafting in my warm fuzzy slippers and fat pants. (Yes, I am a fat polar bear, but a wimpy fat polar bear, see the cute little bears on my pants? HEHE! I have blue fuzzy slippers, too, but didn't want to crawl into the closet to fetch them... PINK will have to do today... )

Inky (Fat Polar Bear) Smiles!


PS.. Want a polar bear RAK? Post a comment with a link to a pic of your feet in warm slippers or jammies and I will draw a winner on Sun night and send someone a treat from my scraproom :) Ohhhh, I have a small assortment fun goodies here... :)


Gerrie Johnnic said...

I live in SW FL, we don't own slippers'll like this one....when it gets cold, we put socks on with our sandals! teeheeand that happens at abt 70 degress!

Etha said...

LOL, end your polar bears over here, we got the snow and yesterday I woke up to 17 degrees below zero (yep F), now that was cold!

Lynn said...

Love the polar bears! Need some of those slippers here in Chicago, supposed to get some of that lovely Canadian cold air this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I have some warm fuzzy slippers. Not sure how to add the picture here, must find your email. is my email:


mE said...

Gerrie - grrrrrr... don't rub it in :P

Etha - ok, I will stop complaining! LOL!

Amanda - you can post it in your gallery and copy and paste a link to this post or email it to me at


Jennifer said...

What a cute RAK! Here are my new slippers/socks that I got at Target for under $5! LOVE them!

Your fellow Fiskateer,
Jennifer Muller

scrappernic said...

Love the polar bears--too cute. I posted my feet and slippers on my blog, check it out

The Peterson Family said...

OK, here's the link to my pic. This is the warmiest (and fuzziest) pair of "slippers" I own - and coincedentally that's what we call flip-flops here in Hawaii!

Lisa P.

PS-I'm horrified that my toenails aren't painted, but I'm 9 months pregnant, so just pretend they are a pretty shade of pink.

The Peterson Family said...

The link didn't go through - here it is again:

You might have to copy and paste it in 2 pieces...

mE said...


Your feet look GREAT for being 9 months pregnant.. you don't even look swollen up or anything.

PS... when is he/she scheduled to make their appearance?


Keep the slippers coming :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Erin

I emailed you a pic. It's down to 0 here now....brrr...cold!

The slippers I have on are crochet/knitted ones and elderly friend made me years ago. I just tossed my old fuzzy slippers... too holey for this weather! :))

Thanks for the chance!

Laura1943 said...

LOL....I put on my EEYORE slippers and my DHs fleece robe and STILL didnt want to be outta bed !! It sure has been cold...and tomorrow is suppose to be 15 above with a -10 wind chill...BRRRR...I think its warmer at the Arctic Circle with the bears !!!

Laura1943 said...

Hi Erin....Just posted my pic in my Fiskateer gallery !! My brother brought me these when I was in the hospital last year !! I just love them...and they are so toasty !!!

Laura #1943

Tina said...

Oh, what fun! I was just blog hopping and fell across your page. :) I can never resist a giveaway, and I've never done anything for an 'RAK'. I'm not even sure what it stands for but have seen some great stuff given away as 'RAK' on other blogs and I'm all about the crafts!
Polar Bears are too cute, and I'm in Utah, too... so chilly out!
Anyway, here are my pictures. These are from this past Christmas. Some Slipper-socks (see the cute no-slip-grip snowflakes on the bottom?) my hubby got me and me wearing my fun, ever-so-comfy, granny garb pj's in front of the Christmas tree. :") Gosh, I can't believe I'm sharing these!
Enjoy, and thanks for the opportunity to play along! :)