Tuesday, January 8, 2008

{love} U

I love altering things and I love working in our woodshop. This weekend Brent and I spent all day Saturday working on InkStaks & RibbonStaks. We had a variety of 10 to build just on Saturday and it was a super long day. We left the woodshop at 11:15 pm and were just exhausted. While Brent was working on parts of the Staks that require no help from me, I played around with some tools and scraps in the shop. I don't normally wear jewelry in the shop, but we had a baptism to attend in the middle of it all and I didn't take off the necklace when I changed back into my grubbies. LOL!

{Love U} Wood Block

This project is made from a 7.25"x5.5" piece of scrap pine which I drilled a 2 1/8" hole in with the drill press. I also drilled out a 1 7/8" circle from scrap hardboard to "fill the hole". It stands on a flat surface propped up by a peg (cut off dowel) inserted into a hole I drilled in the back.

I painted the wood black with acrylic paint from Apple Barrel and let it dry thoroughly. I cut a heart from scrap paper (fold in half then cut) and then opened the heart and traced onto solid Red Archivers brand cardstock.

I pulled out my Modge Podge (glossy) and slathered up the back of the heart and stuck it to the painted wood. I let that dry for a few minutes to hold the heart in place and then rubbed {love} with American Crafts rub ons. Then I slathered the whole thing up with Modge Podge and worked out the bubbles. (When working with Modge Podge, sometimes you have to gently rub out bubbles when paper gets a little too wet.) I let the whole thing dry for about 15-20 minutes and then pulled out my collection of silver metal embellishments and went to town hammering in these conchos and eyelets (CTMH, Making Memories) into the paper and wood.

The "U" circle is made by covering the 1 7/8" hardboard circle with white cardstock, then adding glitter and slathering the edges with Crystal Effects and sprinkling on Beadazzles beads and glitter. I cut out a small U to fit the circle and used a bit of magic to float the circle in the hole.

Inky Smiles!


Amaryllis said...

i have the ink stak.
i need the ribbon stak.
and you can throw in the little piece of altered pine.



Stampin n da Hood said...

omygarsh! you remind me of all "martha" doing crafts in full regalia!
Love the heart!

scrappernic said...

You are my hero! There are a lot of crafty things I would try, but to me all those big tools in the garage are scary. I just cut out pictures of things I like and my grandpa figures out how to make them (dh doesn't have time. Next on the list is an entry table, but I may have to have him make cute little things I can alter now--LOL!

The Batty Bunch said...

OOooooooooooo!!!! I'm excited one of those inkstaks is mine. Hey I'm with Amaryllis you can throw in an altered piece of pine when I pick up my inkstak. Love the LOVE U you are most crafty gal I know hands down. Terri I think her given name is "Martha" and she is trying to fool us.

Heather Ales said...

Totally cute Erin! Great job!

Sincerely,Sonja said...

Awww, the smell of fresh cut wood, and saw dust everywhere. My dad used to be a carpenter. We used to get to play with his "scraps" that were left just for us under the cutting table. SO many memories, I can still "smell" it!
We're going to see more "scrap wood" creations aren't we??? We'd better,hehe. I can see the saw dust flying around right now..LOL!!