Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sketch Challenge {004}

Just playing around with PSE again tonight... here's a fun couple of sketches I came up with... I've offered a square version and a round version. Choose your favorite (or both) and let's see what you can do with these sketches!


Unknown said...

Glad I found this blog today. Enjoyed the read.

Here comes an invitation to visit my blog--this week if possible--as my "Spotlight the Youth" contest ends Friday, and lots of votes are needed to make it work. So please spread the word.

Thanks so much.

Jeanne said...

These are cool! I wish I could make them, but my dad is here for the week and finding time is going to be difficult. What I want to know is HOW did you do it with PSE??? This is such a neat idea. I wanna know for future reference.


Amaryllis said...

OOOOOHHH!! I'm workin on mine. Broke out the Craft Robo n everything. Just gotta find the right pix!

Anonymous said...

Great sketch! Was just perfect for the lo I was working on!

thanks a lot!

Maya (fiskateer #351)

Allie Gower said...

Well, I took the challenge, had some fun, and here's what happened... Have a look see.


Thanks for the challenge.