Thursday, May 28, 2009


I'm back from Iowa. It was a FABULOUS trip. I need to pull my photos off my camera card and share some of the fun! I got to meet Jeanne Tomshack on the way home because we decided to come back through Colorado instead of Wyoming. It was AWESOME!

I've got a busy few days, but I will be back crafting and sharing asap. :) I've had a few requests to show how I made the flowers for my luminary and recent card posts, so I will be doing that very soon. I worked a super long day yesterday and am going back in to finish up month's end accounting and get the rest of the monthly invoicing done. Argh! (It's only money, right? Nevermind that I have things I'd rather do besides work! hehehe!)

Our veggies that we started from seed in the house are not as big as we'd like them to be for putting out in our garden, so today I'm off in search of larger tomatoes and bell peppers, maybe some cucumbers. I will share photos of the garden, too. We're trying some new stuff this year, onions and garlic!

I will also be picking up some annual flowers to plant in the tree rings in the front yard and fill in some places in the back yard. My patio pots are loooking AMAZING! I planted them before I left... no flowers on them, just beautiful healthy green plants and now they are blooming like mad!

Anyway... I've got to go get ready to go pick up my friend, Trish, and head out for the afternoon. I've got a TFT to share and it's coming up right after this post!

Inky Smiles!

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