Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I {heart} Warm Fuzzies & Kind Friends

I have been meaning to snap a photo of this fabulous little treasure that arrived in my mailbox last week…… Today I finally threw my coat on over my “fat polar bear lounging clothes” and modeled the treasure while Brent snapped a pic for me! (I’m clean & pressed, just no makeup… lol!)

Jeanne'sCardJeanne is seriously one of the sweetest and most talented women I know! Along with many of you I have been oogling over her crocheted creations over the past couple of months and told her how much I love her work and how I can’t “crochet to save my life”… Well, this BEAUTIFUL and SNUGGLY WARM treasure arrived last week out of the snowy white skies like a gift from the Gods… I’ve worn it every day I’ve gone somewhere and have enjoyed the soft warmth it’s given me. And I can’t forget the lovely card that accompanied it! (The inspiration for mineral spirits and blending stumps!)



Oooh, and the wool coat… I was shopping with Judith and found it on sale at Lane Bryant last week for $13.99…. I KID YOU NOT! Marked down from $189.50 reg price!!! Did I mention that at that price I HAD to buy a matching red one, too? So did Judith… good thing we live oceans apart!


Jeanne said...

Thank YOU Erin for being such a great friend to me! I'm tickled that you are enjoying it!

Love ya!

Amaryllis said...

OOOHH!!!! It is orange!!!! My fave color!!! That card is way cool too!!!! way to go Jeanne!