Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Studio Color Scheme & Enabler Alert: Michael's Coupon

I had some fun last week in the studio & I finally decided on the new color scheme for the studio!!! YAAAY!

It's gonna take some time to pull it all together (because I need Brent to help me move the big honkin' desk), but I think it will be way cute and cheerful when it's finished.

I was at an LSS with my friend, Lisa, on Superbowl Saturday and found the most DARLING paper from Cloud 9 Design's Chocolate Chalet family. It's sooo cute.. loaded up with chocolate browns, pinks, greens, etc. The specific paper is Sparkle Chocolate Parfait.

Here is {MPATP} My Plan At This Point:

Accent Wall - green like CTMH Sweet Leaf (slightly darker)
Inkstak - Chocolate brown
RibbonStak - Choc brown or pink
Curtains - a mix of stripes and fun patterns with the colors of the paper {these means Mr.Machine is going to get to sew on FABRIC instead of paper for the first time in EONS!}

I am soooo stoked and can't wait to get started on it. First things first, gotta buy the paint!! Check out Liz Batty's COOL NEW ROOM! I am totally hijacking her wall & InkStak colors! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOOOOOOVE IT!!

BONUS: Michael's craft store has an online coupon this week.
It expires Saturday, March 1st.... so hurry and stock up on some goodies.


Unknown said...

Can't wait to see when it all finished! Please post! Thanks for the coupon!

Joanie said...

This isn't a comment on your new studio, although that is very exciting (isn't kinda like scrapping your whole room? LOL) I just wanted to pop over and tell you how you'd inspired me to do something different with my blog header. I didn't like what I had... too blah. I saw your "edgy" letters, recognized that I had that kit from 2P's and decided to make the change. Thanks for the inspiration. You can come over and visit if you like. http://joaniesbalonie.blogspot.com/
BTW I just LOVE the title of your blog!!!

ScrapAloha said...

Thank you so much for the coupon. I know I'm late posting. We don't get the coupon anymore, so this really helps!!! TFS!!