Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Choose To Plunder!

Hello all!

Yes, it has been a while!  I have been crafting and living life in beautiful Colorado.  I just haven’t blogged.  FB is much too convenient and easy for on the fly “blogging” so again I have neglected this little blog of mine.  However, I want to change that.. hoping to blog some of the projects I have made and adventures we have been on over this past year.


One of the new adventures I have started this year is a new small business called Plunder Designs.  My friend, Hillary, in Utah started this company this past year out of her home and has gone nationwide with it as a direct sales business…. I love jewelry and I especially love funky, different, AFFORDABLE jewelry so I decided to sell it! I have meant to blog about it sooner, but got caught up in canning and fall activities at home.

I JUST got an email from our corporate office about our first PLUNDER HOLIDAY BUNDLE sale.  OH MY GOSH, You do not want to miss this!  The sale is phenomenal and is only while supplies last.  Purchase all four bundles for $95.00 which saves you $82.00 over purchasing them separately!

PHB1  $20
Isabelle ($22)
Victoria ($10)
** Save $12.00

PHB2 $20
Joserphine ($26)
Gale ($10)
** Save $16.00

PHB3 $30

Annabelle ($48)
Rebeccaa ($12)
** Save $30

PHB4 $25
Kennedy ($26)
Karen ($15)
Sam ($8)
** Save $24.00

So….. hurry to my website and get some Christmas shopping done now…

Here is a direct link to the Plunder Holiday Bundles:


Plunder Holiday Bundles